Teddy x Amelia

GCH CH Charmins Say What

GCH CH Kyssln's Brother Sun

CH Kyssln-Caleb's Kindred Soul

CH Kyssln's Soul Man

CH Kyssln Mei Paio Caleb

Kyssln Tempting Soul

CH Nonesuch Soul Train

Atlantas Siren's Kyss

CH Charmin's Short Demi Tasse

CH Dulittle's Short Dark N Handsome

CH Dulittle's Shot N the Dark

CH Dulittle's Victoria Secret

CH Stomack's Cheyenne Autumn

CH Arvay's Montague of Lonestar

Stomac's Total Eclipses

CH Azalea's Queen of the Air "Amelia"

GCH Pocket's Jato Jetliner

CH Pocket's Taking a Biscuit

CH Pocket's Forget Me Not HRN

CH Pockets Belaire Dream Liner

GCH CH Miranda's Secret Pocket

CH Atlantis Flying First Class

GCH Azalea & Applewood's "Sarabeth"

CH Shijo’s Rascal Flats at Applewood

CH Mar-J Walking The Line

Shijo’s Hannah Rose

(major pointed)

CH Peachtree’s Hot Latte, ROM