Ch Azalea's Queen of the Air "Amelia"

GCH Pocket's Jato Jetliner

CH Pocket's Taking a Biscuit

CH Pocket's Forget Me Not HRN

CH Pockets Belaire Dream Liner

GCH CH Miranda's Secret Pocket

CH Atlantis Flying First Class

GCH Azalea & Applewood's "Sarabeth"

CH Shijo’s Rascal Flats at Applewood

CH Mar-J Walking The Line

CH MarJ Gentlemaen Prefer Fawns

Shijo’s Hannah Rose

(major pointed)

CH Dulittle’s On wings of Honor

Mianda’s gift To Shijo

CH Peachtree’s Hot Latte, ROM

CH Bonjor J K Michael Jordon, ROM***

CH Peachtree's Hot Biscotti, ROM